A Day in the Life of: Working for Coverstaff

So, you’ve finished the paperwork. We’ve processed your application. But now what happens? The next bit is easy, we find you work! The next few paragraphs will take you through what this looks like.

Scenario 1: During your registration process we find a client and a role that may suit you. So, whilst you’re with us we take you through their pre-start paperwork and then organise a formal induction. This induction takes you through all the things you need to know about your new assignment so you have a full understanding of what you will be doing. Once completed we will then organise a start day and time for you.

Scenario 2: You get a phone call from us the day before an assignment (work at one of our Clients) is due to start and we talk you though what the role is. This includes, which company it’s with, their address, the start and finish times, what you will be doing, length of the assignment and of course, how much you will be paid! We will also check you have the right PPE (Personal Protective Equipment (Safety Gear)) and if not, organise the gear you need.

Note – Assignment length: Our assignments can vary from one day, a week, a month or on-going. Now the first lengths described here are easy to understand, but what do we mean by on-going? On-going means our Client does not have a specific end date for the assignment, therefore it’s “On-going”. These can be a great opportunity for our team to secure permanent work as it gives them a great chance to show our Client just how good they are!

All you need to do now is get yourself organised for work and get some rest before your assignment starts. If it’s your first day, then you also don’t need to be nervous as one of our team will meet you onsite prior to your shift starting. Our team will take you through to where you need to go, introduce you to your supervisor and just make sure you’re ok.

You’ll be working for one of our Clients (We only partner with good ones!) and they will provide you with your instructions for what it is you will be doing. You’ll be given a couple of paid breaks and an unpaid lunch break, in a safe and good working environment.

A couple of hours into your day, one of our consultants will give your supervisor a call to check on how you’re doing and because we know you’re keen, they will no doubt get good feedback.

At the end of the day you may be asked to come back the following day. If you enjoyed the work and can commit to the next day then feel free to say yes, if you didn’t or can’t go back then that is ok too, just tell them. As a Casual employee, it is important to remember that the choice is yours! We just ask that if you say yes…. Then make sure you go back. If you don’t want to return, just let us know and we can give that job to someone else and then find you another opportunity at one of our other Clients.

We will call you after your shift to give you any feedback we have and to also to find out how you went and if you enjoyed it.

Scenario 3: This is when one of our Clients has an immediate need for one of our Team. The process as described above will kick in, with the only change being that the assignment needs to start immediately! We understand that this is not always achievable, so again we just ask that your honest with us, if you say yes… then go to work!

Working for us can give you the opportunity to work across a wide range of industries and Clients to find out what you want to do, whilst getting paid.

If you want to find out anymore then please just give us a call!