What are recruitment agencies good for?

Like most things in life, the good ones are good and the others, well, they’re one social media post away from being exposed!

However, lets not focus on that end of the industry and lets instead explore the cool things the ‘good’ ones can do for you. Firstly, like it says on the tin they can help you or your family secure work. This can take many different forms from providing you work in your field of experience or providing you with an opportunity to try multiple roles across all sorts of businesses as you find out what you want to do!

Recruitment agencies can be a genuine pathway to securing permanent work as you get the chance to complete a working job interview. It also gives you, as the worker a chance to review the organisation you’re working for to make sure it’s a company you want fulltime employment with. With many of these roles also providing a platform for further training and skill development it is a great gateway to either start your working life, change tact or re-enter the work force.

Working with a good recruitment agency will provide you with additional work opportunities without any cost! Why would you not!

Good agencies understand that as one of their employees, your wellbeing and welfare is critical to them being successful, so they only partner with good organisations. This means you should have confidence in taking their assignments as they not only have a duty to look after you but also a need to protect their business.

So, how do you tell if you’re working with a good recruitment agency? This bit is easy and you should know within two minutes of walking into their business. A good agency will show you respect, courtesy and will be happy to meet you. They may not be able to help you, but manners are free! They will have standard registration processes and should talk through their requirements with you to make sure they can assist with your job search before committing you to their paperwork.

After you’ve completed your registration they should also discuss possible roles that may suit you, after all, you’ve come in looking for work not just to complete paperwork. From here, you may have further inductions arranged and should expect to be offered an assignment within two weeks. Once you start, you should then have confidence that you will start receiving your weekly wages and be fully supported by your employer, the recruitment agency.

As for the bad ones……. Look out for the following:

  • Any charges to register – it should never cost the candidate anything to secure industrial work!
  • Any deductions from your wages for providing you work – Nope, nah, never
  • They don’t offer you an employment agreement – Unfortunately there are multiple agencies operating in Auckland that treat their casual staff as contractors. DO NOT ACCEPT THIS! As a contractor you are liable for your own ACC contributions and Tax obligations, now if you’re earning more than $25.00 an hour, then maybe. If they are offering you either minimum wage or only slightly more than this, then they are taking advantage of you and you should seek support from the labour inspectorate.

Good Agencies will provide you with a good experience and work, bad agencies may provide the work but they will not provide a good experience.

There is plenty of work in Auckland so take the time to review your options to make sure you partner with a good recruitment agency.